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Upcoming Valentines Day Sale

50% off everything we have and can be made as in jewelry, hair combs and bows, kitchen items, ceramics, camisoles, scarfs, wedding and other event items as well until February 14, 2020. Will be posting normal regular sales after Valentines Day

50% Off Services

Check out our services page and contact us if interested or come to our place during normal business hours. Sale going on now till January 10 , 2020. It will pick back up with holiday sales, when they'll start up beginning of February, so if interested check back or call us before holiday season.

Our Customers Speak

They can't believe the kitchen scrubbies work as well as they do and don't scratch good cookware. They can be used on fish algae, car tire tar from roads, and they last so long.

Married couple we helped keep getting raves about their beach wedding at the small park. About how well it went and was put together.

One ladies daughter and she came to me at the last minute for a monkey no one else could do and she kept telling me how happy her daughter was with them and that they were perfect for her wedding.

Birthday party surprise. Lady was very happy to throw her best friend a party since she had helped her out so much and it turned out very nice. guests were saying how nice it was and customer was very happy she had us decorate it. 

Other Items we'll no Longer Have on Facebook

We will no longer carry Formal Attire and what we have left can be found on Facebook Marketplace as we are getting out of Bridal. They are $40.00 and under. They can also be found on OfferUp, all of them are pictured on Yelp and will be on Craigslist. Please don't expect us to haggle. 

Share the big news

We are going to be opening a retail location  later this year. But also we are going to be adding new crafts and we'll be looking for other crafters to join us in our new location.

Display their FAQs

If something changes can we get our money back on a wedding service? Just depends on what has been done already, but maybe yes. Will helium hurt my kids? No as long they don't breathe it in. It won't hurt you, its just not good for you. If something happens, will you take returns?  Dresses we can't give a full refund, but bring it back to us and we'll sale it for you, but everything else yes.